What is the WORST string to get?

There isn’t a WORST string, or a BEST string, its all about preference. I voted for cotton. Its a litle rough. So is polyester, but Slick 6 is both. :stuck_out_tongue: I like YoYoSam’s Slick 6 the best. Its really thin, but very durable.

Yup, Spencer said it. No string is the worst. Some people hate cotton, but I actually like it well. It gets nasty after a while but I still use it.

What was I thinking. Cottons the WORST.

keep spinning


I absolutely despise cotton. But, other people may like it.
It’s all about preference.

Probably guitar string.

Talk about a killer string burn.

Nice one.
Electrical wire for the win.

Probably Cotton. Cause when I use them, they wear out really fast.

There is no worst string, while maybe people will say cotton, many 2A players, as well as many of the old school wooden axle no jive players love cotton strings.

I prefer slick 6 out of the 3, but I use cotton strings for 2A often.

I don’t like poly strings, they just feel to thick and somewhat heavy to me, but while it may be the worst string for me, its not for about 89 percent of other yoyoers. :slight_smile:


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