Hi there. I’m new at this and i have a silly question: When do you know that the string is the problem? Which is the lifespan of a string and how can i make the life of a string longer(ok, more questions) Thx!


When it breaks.


Strings wear out. Buy in bulk to save money on shipping.

After you break a few, you’ll know. Trust me, you will. It’s OK.


Just change whenever you want, I like mine fuzzy. I switch mine when they lose bounce.

(WildCat23) #5

When you get string bits in the bearing


when it doesn’t hold good tension/ always wraveled; it’s dingy and frayed.


10x guys…

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After having played with a string for some time, you will feel that the string is getting frayed and possibly also sweaty/moist. You will start to feel that the string doesn’t glide that well between your fingers. You will also start to notice that the tension on your string keeps going all messed up. When you don’t like playing with the string you are using, change it.


When should I change my string… heh?


When the string WANTS to change.

(Well, the logic works with treating chemical dependency problems, maybe it can work for yoyo strings?)


then again just buy string that lasts longer like kevlar.


Longer lasting string gets ratty and dirty, and doesn’t feel nice after a bit.


i threw a kevlar string in the washing machine with some downy and it came out real clean and soft. ;D


I’m tempted to give this a try…