String Type for Alleycat 650b

Picking one of these up soon and I’m curious as to what people who have played the large pad small bearing throws like this use? Slick 6? Thin poly?

I am using some slick 6, but type 10 cotton is also nice as it’s what I’m used to with 0a stuff.

All preference tho!

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I actually like fat strings to make it more grabby!

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Yea. I put sochi fat on mine. I use the alleycat when i want something really responsive so fat string really hits that sweet spot for me

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Use any string that will make it play more like a wooden fixed axle yoyo, rather than a 650b.


I know what you’re trying to do, and I want to be mad about it because I love my 650b, but you have a very good point. I wish wooden bearing blanks were more readily available.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!