String tricks HELP

I’m a beginner and how do you get a really good sleeper? And how to improve the trapzze and double or nothing tricks

just work on throwing harder and straight and for trapeze just keep doing it till you have it down really good

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That trapeze comment is no understatement … If you throw it 100 times, make sure you can land it perfectly 101 times

You must flick your wrist very swiftly, but not hard. Flicking your wrist hard will end up with a hurt wrist.
You can also try using part of your arm to throw with the wrist giving momentum.

Really, just practice makes perfect.

The only thing at this point that will help you is PRACTICE.
You have a yoyo, you have thousands of videos on the internet showing you every different move from a variety of angles.
Now you need to do the work, it the only way you get the results.
I know it seems frustrating, and you think well maybe someone has some pointers, the only thing anyone says that matters is practice practice practice.
Nothing anyone will say will help you to figure it out on your own.
When you get frustrated do something else for a short time and come back to your yoyo, and try again. Some things will take two or three weeks of this, try it, wait , try it Again, wait, try it , etc, etc… This is how I learned Suicides, Boingy boing, hell its how I learned everything, but Boingy for instance, took two months.I tried it every day, watching different videos, and trying it for ten minutes or more a day. When I finally go it down good, smoooth, the sense of satisfaction was HUGE.
Trust me, I just went through this, and the urge to ask questions was strong and then I realized there is really nothing anyone can do for me, I need to do it for myself, then I really know it.
You should consider doing the same.
Good luck.

I get you man,I’m a begginer too,and it helped me alot to land those tricks by just practicing over and over and over until I got it perfect!!! Just keep trying dude.

My lil bro gets frustrated easily… When he does, it’s like he’s never thrown before, and he stops improving