String too short? Ripcord Help

I think my string might be too short… It’s 38 inches roughly, and I just can’t do ripcord with it. The yoyo always hits my hands… what am I doing wrong? Or is it impossible with that string?

my string is abt 37 inches long, and i can do it, so no, your string is long enough.

Its about practice. If you cant do it, use the maximum string length you have. One thing to note, you only need to hit the string Once. The second one can miss, and you will still land in a trapeze. That will help you get the feel of how short the ripcord has to be.

Yes - Also, make sure to do it slowly, so you can grasp whats happening better.

My friend had the same problem, so I asked him what helped, and he said energy drinks, and lots of ------

What was I even saying up htere? ^

Anyway, he said it helped to make sure only his pointer fingers were doing the work, so none of his other fingers would get in his way. It may feel weird, but I have to admit it works.