String length question


Just discovered Mr YoyoThrower’s awesome youtube channel, and I was trying to learn Magic Pictures. I haven’t spent much time on it and it doesn’t look particularly hard, but I’m having difficulty with the first part of the trick… I don’t seem to have enough string to swing the yoyo back around my throw hand from trapeze. Wraping the string around the backside of my hand seems to shorten it considerably. I’m using the standard YYE poly strings. Are these strings typically long enough for tricks like this? How long should the string be?



The recommended string lenght is from the ground ( incl. Yoyo) to your belly button , but it’s all preference. So if you think that the string is a bit too short , then just cut less string or even use the whole string without adjusting.


Okay that’s what I thought. I guess I need to work at the trick more. It just seems like there isn’t enough string. Then again I’m a bit of a noob, so there’s that problem.


Just keep practicing the trick,that will help for sure. As for string length, I use a long string (floor to mid chest level but it’s all preferance