String Theory - Nylon Perfection

String Theory is a unique, hand made string with a long history.

Every String Theory string is made with a special type of nylon that will never fray like other nylon strings (and especially poly and cotton!).

I have been making and improving on this string for my own personal use for over a decade.

The goal for String Theory was to develop a string that wouldn’t be affected as easily by wind, sweaty hands, humidity, changes in string tension (holds slack and loops better), or fraying and breakage like other string does.

The String Theory experience is one of consistency. The biggest advantage to String Theory is that after a brief break in period, the string will retain the same bounciness, tension, and responsiveness for years. This means you never need to adjust for changes in your string.

Currently, String Theory is offered in two colorways:

Glossy White & Hi.Viz

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