String theory….?

Both strings are new. I did a string swap in the middle to hopefully show a difference.
The first string is string i bought from infinite illusions or yo-yo guy . com like 15 years ago. It holds the shape extremely well. The pink string in the second part is new Ka-pow string. Although I like it better on these big wide yo-yo’s, i can’t seem to consistently hold a shape with it. Is it me or should I try other strings? Hopefully you can see the loop in the video.

New Duncan big fun, no modifications. Suicide catches for easy repeatability.


Some of my favorite bulk string is c3 pro string, get the 11.99 pack with two mixed color options. Either one will do. Super soft and bouncy string that feels more premium than average bulk poly. But only vouching for those two specially not the 100 packs of c3 cuz those are made different.

If u like a coarser texture than go with a pack of Slackies at the same exact price. At 11.99 each for 50 pack.

Those would be my top two choices. And they’re kind of opposite of each other so I like to have both on. Hand

Update, i ordered a fair amount of different strings to try and it’s either me or this yo-yo only likes certain strings. The strings that I don’t like on the Big Fun work great on other yo-yos. I took the pink string off and put it on a Duncan Triumph, General-Yo HatTrick and a Skyva. I love it on all of those.

I think the issue is that the string still grabs on the Big Fun. Most strings I tried actually bind up when layering more than one string in the gap. So any double on stuff, it grabs pretty bad.