String Tension


Ok,has anyone seen Zach Gormley 3rd place finish in 2016 World’s on YouTube???well before his routine he throws a weak breakaway and starts to pull the yoyo up and down and checks his string tension.does anyone here know how to do that way of correcting string tension???


I just watched it. But I couldn’t really see what he did. Brandon vu has a really good video on how to manage string tension.


It doesn’t look like he was adjusting tension at all…just checking for twist to see if he needed to adjust.


Yeah that’s kinda what I thought.



I only found one video that’s not great, but it looks to me like he is adjusting string tension.
It’s how all the pros did it at the Virginia contest I went to a couple years ago.

If no one can find a tutorial, I might could make a quick one if you guys want.


I think this is it.


Yeah, that’s the video I found before.
He is adjusting string tension.  I re-watched it and slowed it down.

Suburiboy all ready made a tutorial.


That’s what it looks like to me too. The yoyo has to rotate on or around the string to adjust the tension.


It’s hard to see from the video, but I’m pretty sure it does.
Watch the suburiboy video in my other post, he’s doing the same thing.


Good eye…you are right Morgoroth. I think there is just enough video to see Zach is doing the pop up or ufo type of tension adjustment you are referring to. I personally don’t use that method because you cant do controlled amounts of tension setting - just little spurts of it…thus I prefer the under mount method. Check him out at 9 seconds of this video - that is the method I prefer to use…much more controlled and you can get the amount of tension adjustment desired in one go instead of many series of hopping it:


I agree with you.  For some reason though all the pros do it that way, you just never see it unless it’s at an actual contest.  I’ve started doing it, and it’s pretty effective if you don’t need to make large adjustments.

#12 this is actually the link


Checking string tension. No doubt.

Next time include the link with the question and it will be easier to answer :slight_smile: