string tension

i really need help on string tension.i’m not talking about a trick like ufo, but a technical tip.also is there string that helps drives me nuts having to fix my string after every throw.any help would be great.


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Yea, some stirngs have bad sstring tension. Strings like G-string and Gatorfloss have great string tension and oyu wont have to adjust it every throw, more like every 10. If you do stuff like wrist whips the more misses the more the string tightens so the only tip i can give you is dont miss stuff so much.

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Happy Throwing! =]

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thanks for the video.simple.found a really cool one on tension at houdini lives.also ordered a ton of different sting.

link po-lease?

Here. I made this vid for yah. Really easy way to fix tension:
-Throw a Split the Atom

  • Remove non-throwhand finger
  • Grab center string.
  • Pull to side

It’s not a split the atom.
Its split bottom mount.

Thanks. As soon as I wrote that, I told myself: “Self, that doesn’t sound right”

This is called “the dishwasher” and anytime i do it with my dm, unresponsive, i get like a half twirl with the string and then it starts making a binding sound then shoots to my hand before i can dismount… any advice?

Some tutorials call it washing off.

Make sure that you are pulling it tightly, don’t give it too much slack. You also wanna make sure that the string segment you are holding is like 5-8 inches away from the yoyo, putting it too close will make it bind.

houdini lives video is the same tutorial video by KAPcom.