string tension


Just wondering, which strings hold tension the best?


I don’t know much about strings other than that different materials make for beginner, intermediate,etc. but I’m not sure if there is any string that ‘holds tension’ you just need to do the tricks like sidewinder and UFO to get the tension right. (sidewinder (I found) is easier than UFO)


I find tighter string ( at neutral tention) holds the best, and is also whippier… But tention is something that everyone deals with


Hamstring, graou string, g string, kitty string… a lot of strings hold tension well.


Single coloured string holds tension better then twisted because it is easier to make because you have more control over length, etc.


Single colored (like nobody said) and tightly wound string holds tension best. Stiffer material holds tension better than soft material like cotton but my kitty strings are wonderfull with dealing with tension.


I’d be inclined to disagree with your reasoning nobody, because with a proper string winding rig, you’d have absolutely the same amount of control over length and twisting as you would with single color string. My general experience actually has been that multi colored twist string does tend to be worse at holding tension, but that’s probably due to the colors of the actual threads themselves. For example, I’ve found that your standard white, yellow and green string seem to be better at holding tension than something a bit more intense like red or blue. So really what I think it comes down to is that twist strings typically mix good tension holding colors with not so good tension holding colors and the latter just dominate the equation. That’s my hypothesis anyway.


Taking that logic a step further(although I can’t validate any of this):

It could be that the chemicals used to color the strings may be imparting characteristics to the string. Also since the colors are different, the batches of chemicals used to make both the strings AND the dyes can be mismatched and hence give an inconsistency.

Right now, personally, I don’t worry too much about string tension. I know it’s important and I shouldn’t just gloss over it so lightly but right now it’s more important to focus more on other aspects.


Actually that’s my theory exactly, just going into more depth than I felt like typing at the moment. You only have time to type so much when you’re on your phone in the bathroom at work :smiley:

That also extends to other play characteristics that are altered amongst different colored strings, such as bounce, texture, softness or lack thereof, and so on and so forth.