String tension questions

I am to the point where string tension really bothers me and would like to hear if I am doing something to cause so much or just not throwing to loosen it enough.

I find that after two or three combos/tricks I need to loosen the tension. I never see people loosening string tension in videos so am curious if am doing something to make it so tight so quickly. It seems like a new string will last 5-10 minutes before the tension starts taking over to the point of spinning it counter clockwise at the end of the string between tricks. I know there is the UFO type method of controlling it but still find myself just spinning it with my hand.

Does this sound normal as far as it getting spaghetti like so quick (literally a couple of tricks at most once string is broken in)? It’s not so tight that can’t wrap it back around the yoyo but is too tight to perform optimally for sure.

How do you all manage tension and how often?

Are there strings that are better than others regarding this topic? I use “normal” kitty poly and YYE poly.

Completely normal. In competitions they are probably doing quick little hops to relieve tension when you aren’t noticing; it’d be pretty hard to only have tricks that counteract each other and build a routine out of it, so they’re relieving tension at some point.

I do a lot of tension relief. Some strings are better than others. But not matter what, you’ll be doing the string relief hop (or “washing off”, or whatever other tension trick you gravitate to!).

Can you link me to what you mean by the hop relief? I googled with no luck.

How can hops work to loosen or tighten the string and which hops?

Or is this what you mean?


By a hop he’s referring to a small side winder I believe.
Generally the older a string gets, the more you’ll get twisting from string tension. Generally when people make videos with several combos without a cut, or like for performances, they’ll be using a pretty new string which keeps its tension well, so they don’t really have to adjust tension much while on stage or while shooting.

The Rethink one indeed has the mini-sidewinder hops I’m referring to! There’s also this:

0:33 is another view of what I’m referring to, although I just let the whole thing hand (I don’t bunch up any string into the throwhand). Watch the whole video, though-- some good stuff!