String tension on an unresponsive Yo-Yo

My Lyn Fury is unresponsive and I have my Velocity set for unresponsive as well. How do I adjust string tension on them without taking the string off my finger? I can sidewinder my responsive yo-yo, but I kind of suck at UFO, usually only landing it 2 or 3 out of 10 times. Does anyone have a good video showing me how to adjust string tension on an unresponsive yo-yo. I have been on Ibanezcollector’s site, checking out his excellent collection of videos. All of them are there except for the Unresponsive Sidewinder video, just my luck. ;D

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Heres a way.  not really a tutorial but it’s easy.  Simply pinch the string above the yoyo slack off and you can see you have bad string tension so do a circle motion with your hand around the yoyo and it will fix it.  If it doesn’t try turning the other way.  heres the video

It works.

Perfect, both of those were exactly what I was looking for. Thank both.

Your welcome. If you need any help with anything else just ask!


Also, if you want it from my perspective:

Will do. I use a yo-yo in class with my third grade students to demonstrate the concepts of forces, motion, and simple machines. This is an extra little trick that I can use to show them friction. It also keeps me looking cool with my students. 8)

You are a teacher? So is Phiz! haha.

Good to see that more teachers are using yo-yo’s as a stress relief. :smiley:

Samad, your string tension technique seems to work best for me. Thanks for posting that video.