String suggestions

Hey looking for string suggestions. I’m not able to find alphaline highlighter in 100 packs anywhere. Currently using type x but finding it to be just slightly to thick for my liking but like how it slacks and whips. I’m eyeballing project 44 rayon mid tex standard size but was wondering if anyone has insite how it compares to alpha. Also open to any other suggestions thanks.


We tried the alphaline packs before and honestly both AL and other string lineups from our standard-normal type have the same thickness, and for its texture the AL is close to our Mid-Tex.

if you want a quicker-clean slack formation but has the right weight to it I recommend try our rayon-poly blend.


Thank you for explanation. I recently received a yoyo with Alphaline and love that string.
I will be ordering some of your standard - normal mid-tex based on this comparison. Looking forward to it!

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Original THrow the goat

You’re Welcome!
Looking forward to your fresh bundles soon :bowing_man:t2:

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