String Suggestions For A Large Gap One Drop

I recently got my hands on the One Drop Par Avion, which has a gap of about 4 miles.

My usual Sochi XL isn’t quite getting it done. I have a string I received from another throw at some point that’s super soft and grabs really well with the Par Avion. Could anyone guide me towards whoever makes string like this one?


If Sochi XL isn’t getting the job done you should probably consider changing the response pads.

  • Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
  • Gap Width: 4.7 mm


These pads are quite thick! Lmk if you need a set.

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Just wanted to say thank you for the suggestions! Part of it was getting used to the gap, and eventually got the hang of it with Sochi XL; I also tried Stricklin strings on it, and that really helped.


YYSL Plutonium

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I was gonna suggest stricklin. How’d you like that one?

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