String stuck.

So,I just got my Cosmic Spin today,and man,NED is a fail company.
I opened it up and there were about 5 loops on the yo-yo.I got a friend to loop around it once,and it slept fine but had really low response.
So I took it apart,and the bearing fell out.I put it back it back in and apparently my string got caught.I looped it around twice and it didn’t sleep at all.I opened it,checked it and I found the string caught up.
How can I fix this?Its(the bearing) supposed to just fall off but spinning turning or pulling doesn’t work at all.
I have a plier,but its shape is kind of rigged.It slips after a few seconds.
If I can’t get this fixed then I’ll probably quit yo-ing cause I have nothing to throw.
I’m new to yo-yo’s btw.


[s]So the string is stuck around the axle?

If the string is stuck around the axle and the bearing is stuck to that same side, take the bearing out with some pliers and pull the string out.[/s]

EDIT:Please delete this thread. You have an identical thread already, but that has pictures.

haha yea ned fails
maybe you should have gotten the boomerang
i can send you somepictures of what i did to my brother’s cosmic spin if you want