String sample packs

I’ve never used a string besides the yyf ones that come with their yoyos. Sample packs are great ways to find a string you like. Should i get:
Markmont 5 pack 1
Markmont 5 pack 2
YYSL sample pack

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YYSL string is very short IMO, around 47inch.

Plutonium stretched = 53”


I’m looking into the same thing at the moment :slight_smile: and have done some research during the past week.
Except I already tried Kitty/Sochi and the YYSL that came with my Vayder.

If I was you I’d get:

  • YYSL sample pack
  • 10 Kitty string fat
  • 10 Sochi fat
  • 10 Kitty Nylon or 1.5 Nylon
  • 1 sample pack from Markmont Formula (5 strings)
  • optional: 10 kitty XL or Sochi XL

(Since you’re interested in Markmont strings, his website has really detailed descriptions of each string so check which ones you’ll like more and choose the pack which has the most you’d like.)

With this, you’ll be set in terms of string for a while and will try a great variety of different bulk strings to make your opinion on each type. You’ll also have two packs of different boutique strings to compare with bulk.

If all they tried so far are the included YYF strings with their yoyo, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Personally I haven’t had issues with Type X or Plutonium length. (Even have to shorten it a little bit using the half-hand above belly button technique, 6” tall)

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Other string also stretched, personally I really like type-X. I just hope it can be longer like 54 inch without stretching.

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I recently made the switch from Kitty everything over to YYSL Venom and I couldn’t be happier with everything about it. Also, length is perfect for me. I just tie a knot and go. No cutting. I’m no string expert and definitely no yoyo master but I love these Venom strings.

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I’ve gotten two different YYSL sample packs, a Markmont sample pack, and created my own plus size Zipline string pack. I like trying a variety of strings. The problem is finding that perfect match between string and yoyo. I’m always afraid I will try the string on the wrong yoyo.