What type of yoyostring lab string should I buy?

What type of yoyostring lab strings should I buy ?? I know that they have a wide variety of strings :sweat_smile: and that’s great !!! but I have no idea which one is better ?? What would be your recommendations :grin:


Get the sampler pack, it has 2 strings of each type so you can try them all and see which one you like best. Just make sure you don’t the lightsaber pack, it only has Type X and Plutonium.


The sampler pack is a great suggestion.

I find that Type X is perfect for yoyos with gap widths under 4.6mm. For gaps in the 4.6-4.8mm range I would recommend Plutonium. And for gaps 4.8mm or more, you’d probably want to go with Ammo.

I haven’t yet tried Nytro, but I expect it to be suitable on any yoyo that would take Type X (based on gap width guidelines mentioned above). I believe Nytro will also have a thicker Plutonium-style variant available soon. Nytro differs from all the other YYSL strings in that it is a poly/nylon blend rather than pure polyester. It might not be a bad idea to get a pack of Nytro just to try it out and see how you like it. You might just fall in love with the feel of the poly/nylon blend. Or you might not. But I think it’s definitely worth finding out either way.


Thank you for all your recommendations I do have one question though. How does plutonium play like ?? I was eyeing on it and it seems to be a good string thickness. Has anybody tried them ??


Plutonium is my favorite string for most of my yoyos. It whips great and clutches reliably in my Shutter Wide Angle, C3 Speedaholic, Graviti Vulcan, and Knockout. It’s comparable to Sochi Fat but seems to whip a bit better and last a bit longer.

I also like Venom a lot, it’s thin and silky feeling but does not clutch quite as reliably in the aforementioned throws. It’s great in my Basecamp Expedition which has the bigger CLYW response pads, and I’m coming around to using it in my other throws and just getting used to how it binds. It’s great for tricks where you’ve got a lot of string stacked in the gap and it whips very well.

I also recommend the sampler pack, it’s how I determined which YYSL strings I liked best!



Thanks I’ll look into the sampler pack more :grin: