String Lab Sampler Pack & Ann Connolly Plutonium!



It’s tough deciding which string to buy, especially with so many options. Yo-Yo String Lab makes a variety of high quality handmade yo-yo strings and now you can try them all in the convenient Sampler Pack!

The Sampler Pack include Type X, Ammo, Venom, & Plutonium. 3 strings of each type (12 strings total!) in different colors so you won’t get them mixed up while trying them out.


Ann Connolly Editions!

ann-connolly-plutonium-string-1 ann-connolly-plutonium-string-3

ann-connolly-plutonium-string-5 ann-connolly-plutonium-string-7

Plutonium is soft on the hands but also really good for whips and lacerations. It has a tighter wind that Venom and is slightly thicker for a completely new feel in play. It has the perfect balance for competitive and casual throwing.


YYSL string = best string (though they should make a nylon too hint hint)


Yes plz. I agree with Coding


Well obviously because I’m always right about everything :expressionless:

(ClockMonster) #5

While we’re putting out suggestions/requests, I’d like to put a vote in for two new colors:

  • A proper Deep Purple color
  • A yellow like Zipline’s Goldeneye


I second @zslane’s suggestions. A bright (if possible) purple and a yellow/goldenrod would be cool.


Just grabbed some X and ammo on Monday to try out and missed this :joy: :persevere:


I NEED that pack in my life