String rejections

I’m trying to learn some rejection type tricks but I don’t really know what they are or how to do them. I would really appreciate if you all could post some videos that helped y’all start out or if you’ve made z video yourself that would be great, really anything can help.

When you rock/swing the yoyo forward, try to swing it also a bit towards the center of your body so that the angle will help the string reject. A straight forward rock/swing will make the yoyo go off kilter.


In case the 1.5 rejection whip is too hard, I made another tutorial last night that will help you learn the concept, and thus make it easier to learn the 1.5 rejection whip should you so choose.

I hate magic drop (and its subtlety) and prefer the tricks to be flashy if they are gonna be a pain to learn. =P

Those are both pretty darn sexy.

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Just learned/landed string rejection to tower a few minutes ago and pretty darn excited about it.

Not my tutorial, but I don’t think Malcom Chiu will mind me posting his tut.

Now I’m upset that the shutter isn’t too good at rejections.

What are “good” yoyos for rejections?

Big walls make better rejections… Or so i hear. The shutter has a tiny wall.

Opposite imo. High walls mean it’s going to take more effort to reject, meaning the yoyo’s more likely to tilt or not reject quickly or well. Nice low wall makes for easy rejections imo.


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In general, I think an organic shape is helpful for the reasons Jerrod mentioned. But not too many of us are throwing much for mid- and high-walled organics. In the more “current” low-wall category, I seem to get my best rejections on the Monkey Fist. No idea why, if I’m being honest. Someone told me that type of chunkier rim is helpful but I’ll be darned if I can think of a physics-related reason why. :wink:

Maybe something to do with the RPM’s? ???

I love rejections! And can perform them with almost anything. But prefer low-walled, V-shaped yoyos for them. Makes the string pop out so easily.