Good yoyo for rejections and hops.

So I’ve been trying to learn all these new rejection tricks but it seems that my yoyo is too low walled. What makes a for a good rejection yoyo but is still good for agile play? I prefer:


Decent gap
Tight snappy binds

My price limit is about $130.
Thanks guys.

Still on the honeymoon period with mine, but the DeadlySpins Pride handles rejections slightly better than most. That said, most of my throws are very much sharp V-shapes so YMMV.


Maybe something like a 2010 severe

It was still a sharp V and met all your spec requirements but has somewhat of a wall to it still

Could get one pretty cheap off the BST these days but I haven’t thrown one myself so can’t say much about how it would handle rejections

Cascade is awesome for rejections.

What are you using right now?
I don’t think a low wall has too much of an effect(Janos is the best rejection player in the game and plays with a low wall barracuda), it’s more about how the string touches the shape of the yoyo. I’ve only noticed them being worse on some H-shapes.
Rejections work really well on organic or slight V-shapes in my experience, I really like the Puffin2 for them at least.

For the most part it’s benchmark H and Summit. Some yelets, quake, and puffin :wink: in there too.


Rejections on the cascade are effortless! And it’s good and wide (45mm) so it’s easy to land those hops too!