String position on finger

So Im trying to learn boingy boing and I realized I have my string around the lower part of my middle finger. I was wondering if this was the reason I can’t land the trick and also I was wondering if there was any other down falls to having my string around the lower part of my finger.

Sorry I’m my iPhone and just realized how bad this was typed.

I don’t think so. It is more of the motion and how the strings are centered. However, maybe in your case that is the problem. Also, this trick takes a lot of practice to master, so if you just started to learn it then don’t sweat it.

I used to always keep the string around the bottom part of my middle finger because that is always what I thought felt natural. Then I realized while learning Plastic Whip that it made the trick much easier when I had the string around the middle segment of my middle finger. Since then, I have kept it there and now I love it.

I am not sure if the string position would help with Boingy Boing as I am not great with that trick, but it seems like it’s worth a shot to try.

It was when I was learning this trick that made me move the string position. Once I did I learned it quickly, and since then I always play with it above the knuckle