String Length

So I am nearing the 6’ mark for height and suddenly this is limiting my string options such as zip line and yysl. What companies make long fat quality strong?

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One Drop makes some really nice strings…they’re some of my favorites! They’re called One Drop Choice Long Cut strings and they’re 54 inches. They also come in a cool tin! :smiley:


Where are they sold, i have never seen those before

on the onedrop website, not all the colours are availiable at the moment though

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As well as OD, Markmont and Airetic make pretty long strings. Markmont formulas are available in extra long. They’re available at YYE and on Markmont’s web store. Airetics are available on their website.

Where are mark monts in extra long’s as the regulars are a little short

Oh yeah and WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE! Anyone got a cumulus foam they wanna part with?