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Hey throwers,

When adjusting a new string, it has to be at the height of our belly button right… But then, once you make a string loop and adjust it so that it tightens to your finger, it automatically make the string a tad shorter in my case, just a bit below the belly button. Is it supposed to be like this? Or is it supposed to be at the belly button even after making a finger loop (the one that adjust to your finger size and tightens it)

My apologies if my English is confusing.

Thank you!

Have it as long as you want man

I would find a string length that feels right for you. It doesn’t need to be right at your belly button at all. In fact, I keep my string quite a bit higher then my belly button, probably around 5 inches higher. I use kitty string and tie the knot right at the end of the string and that works just fine.

If you do decide to do the belly button method, I believe the knot is supposed to be the height of your belly button after creating it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I do have the knot at my belly button.
So it’s more of a preference kind of thing?

Yep :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

When you measure the length fake the loop by just folding the string over so the end of the loop is at the height you want. Leave enough string to tie the loop, then cut it off. It will be close enough to where you want it.

Thank you!! Will give that a try.

my preference is that have the yoyo just touching the ground when the string is on my finger and i point my finger in my bellybutton (that sounds weird to read)

I do mine a little differently and tie the knot a few inches above my bellybutton, untwist the string right below the knot to split the two main threads, and pull the sting through itself to make a simple and contained slipknot without a bulky knot and extra strings going around your finger.,72865.msg967702.html#msg967702
Check reply #20 for a video. but the whole thread is worth a read

It’s not just preference.

It sometimes depends on what kind of tricks you are focusing on.

  1. Sometimes your armlength has to be considered.

  2. Sometimes what direction you mainly intend to be using.

  3. Also it depends on how fast you want to play and how hard you throw.

…1 and 2 can both apply to one particular situation.

Armlength and direction <> If you are practicing side style tricks; armlength is not very important.

But if you are throwing front style tricks; then often string length should be shorter than for side style.

Why? Glad you asked. If you use a long string.(coming up to your chest) and you don’t have pretty long arms; if you are doing the forward mount for boingy boingy or barrel rolls, etc., you have a pretty good chance to find out your face may be in the way.(ouch).

I know you can play front style tricks with your arms extended away from your body. But it is not comfortable and doesnt look natural. For front style tricks it is probably a better option to go with the belly button length.

Side style string length is wiiiide open because there is much less chance of smacking yourself in the face or chest.

…Now something else to consider; Speed! As an example; lets just say, ‘you have a shorter string and you throw hard’. If you throw down hard; your tricks are going to happen a whole lot faster.

Whether you are playing front or side tricks; if you run a shorter string and throw hard; the Yoyo will be moving along quite swiftly.

If you are practicing smooth flowing medium tempo side style tricks; a string about 8 inches above the belly button is the right choice.

Try this; do a trick like Skin the Gerbil. Try doing the trick with a belt high string and try it with a chest high string. With either string; start the trick with a powerful throw.With the shorter string you will feel you are moving a lot faster; because you are. Even without a speed adjustment; a longer string increases the length of time between string hits simply because the Yoyo has to travel farther between contact points.

Realize the Yoyo is circling a tether point. So the Yoyo with a shorter string will move with, ‘a quickness’.

… So if you are into speed; use a shorter string.

If you are more of a Guy Wright kinda player; a longer string is the correct decision. Your tricks will just look and feel smoother.

So it can be considered preference. But that preference as often as not; factors in what you want to achieve.

As people move up the trick ladder and no longer ask questions about string length; they just learn to adjust their speed, regardless of how short or long their string.

Something like that…:grimacing:

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That is very helpful. Thank you so much yoyodoc! :slight_smile: