String for Tall People

Im 6 foot 4. What kind of string is best. I just want 100% polyester, nothing fancy. I can’t ever find string that is long enough for me. Also Ive tried toxic strings and am not a huge fan. Again, just the normal polyester stuff is my favorite.

You should have no problem with these. :slight_smile:

Normal Kitty string is great for me and I’m 6 foot flat. I’m not sure exactly how long it is but it is plenty long for me.

I’m about 6 foot and I love Kitty is the way to go for bulk string it comes about 4 foot long and is great for the price.

I am 6’5" and i throw nothing but Toxic Snakes (either regular or the Skinny Snakes prototype string).

skinny snakes prototype?

not sure if they will be released, but I also got some skinny bg1s. Maybe it’s just for us (toxic strings team)

Lucky privileged sponsored people! :wink:

6’5" here and I’ve never had a problem with string length

I’ve found G-string to be a favorite of mine though

I’m 6 feet tall and I have found that great whites (by toxic) were actually too long for me, and I like longer string. Should be perfect for you.

Normal kitty string comes really long