String for Right handed and how to measure the length of the yo-yo string according to the height of the body

Hello Guys. I am Vidia and i am right handed my height is 160 cm. I need some recomendation for choose the right string for right handed user. And my question how to measure the lenght of the yoyo string according to the height of my body?. Thx and greetings from Indonesia

The traditional advice is to make the string long enough that it’s a few inches (or the equivalent in centimeters) above your belly button. So let the yo-yo hang to the floor, pull the string straight up towards your stomach, and measure that way.

Some people like it shorter, some longer, but I do agree that “about belly button height” is a solid starting point.

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Thank you.

Most strings you can buy are made for right handed throwers. Left handed strings will be clearly marketed for lefties


Ok i will try to searching via internet. Thanks for the information.

@VidiaOktavianisID To clarify, left handed strings aren’t required for you. I’m a lefty and I use both (but primarily regular string)

Thx @Rosenberg. I usually using this product !
But It is safe for right handed? download%20(7)

Absolutely. Left handed string is just going to give you the same twist behavior that a righty would get from regular string. Performance won’t be affected, as long as you pay attention to string tension, but that is necessary with any string

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Ummm, the guy’s right handed so left handed string will give him just the opposite effect of what he would have with right handed string.

Oops, my bad, thought I read left

@jhb8426 but it is difficult to find or searching for right handed string?. I mean not every shops sell the right handed yoyo strings. Even in my country

Actually, unless it is labeled as left handed string, it is right handed string. It’s just not labeled as such. Everybody sells it. Finding left handed string is harder.

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I’m a lefty and I don’t use lefty strings at all. I’m probably more comfortable with regular strings. It’s more a matter of what you’re more comfortable with.