string confusion


Hey guys …
I’m a tad new to all this, but I keep finding something that is confusing to me. :-\

It’s how to “string the yo-yo”.
When you receive a yo-yo, the sting is simply looped around the axel once.
But … when you read the internal literature and sniff around the web, it says to loop them three times.

Is there a difference?
Which way for which type of yo-yo? … and better yet, why?

thanks in advance

  • higgs


I think they’re talking about when you wind up the string. you don’t actually loop it around the yoyo three times, your yoyo won’t sleep if you do that.

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The only time I’ve seen the manufacturer recommend multiple loops around the axle was for transaxles. I’m assuming the reason is to get the transaxle to turn properly.

Fixed axles and bearing yoyos just use the one loop. I’ve used one loop on transaxles and they work fine that way. However, multiple loops can make a yoyo more responsive. I tend to use lube to increase responsiveness rather than multiple loops of string.

I’m not sure that’s the answer to your question, just a few thoughts.

Maybe someone else can be more definitive.