String Change?

I think it is time to change my string. This one is 2 days old. Pictured next to a new string.

I am loving the Fat Kitty string. I think next I will try regular kitty though. I still can’t believe how quickly I get the string this filthy.

So how often do you change string?

Depends on the string. Some last much longer than others.

That and the playing conditions. I go through strings a lot faster on warm and humid days that make me sweat just sitting down.

Really depends on how pedantic you are with your strings as well. I know some guys who will play a string right up until it’s on the verge of snapping. I also know some guys who will change strings as soon as they lose their bounciness. Me, I change mine when they start to get really fuzzy.


Normally 1 or 2 every sermon my heavy used throws I use normal kitty string

Every week*

When I used to use bulk string i changed it about every 3 days.

My Yelets is my main throw since it is beat. I use a string every 3 days usually which is about 8 hrs of play. I use it until it frays. My other nice throws always have fresh string. When they get a little worn they go on the Yelets.

I think fat kitty string lasts the longest for me. Thin(er) string just doesnt cut it anymore now that I use phat kats. I change my string after around 2-3 hours of play. For 5a I change it after about 4 hours of play, and for 4a I like never change the string lol. I dont take 4a that seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends how hard I’m practicing. I usually go through like 40 the day of MN states or MWR.

I change mine once trick binds become less snappy and if its just nasty to play with

Kitty string will last about 7 hours. Homemade string never gets changed, just washed, after a month.

That isn’t true at all. It depends what kind of thread you use.

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i use kitty nylon 1.5 and i change it at least once a day. I play about 4 hours a day. I don’t really wash my string at all, ive never tried it. I should. But I mostly just change the string when the color is dulled (i mostly use neon yellow), when it starts getting fuzzy, and when it doesn’t hold its tension as well. If if twists a lot after like 2 throws then i know its time to change the string.

I feel like some people change their string really often. I change my fat kitty once every 1.5 - 2 weeks.

This is my routine, I change when they become a pain to maintain their tension. Once it gets to the point that I can’t do a suicide reliably after a few throws, it is time to go.

Oh, yeah, I worded that weird. I was talking about my homemade string. :stuck_out_tongue: