String Advice (What Strings to Get)

I would call myself an intermediate player and I will be using a Dark Magic II yo-yo.
But so far I only bough 5-packs of… The only kind of regular string that are available in my country. So I have no experience with the different kinds of strings.

At first I intended to buy a bundle of 100 strings but hearing that it’s important how comfortable are the strings to you personally… What would be the best strings to buy in my situation? Whether it is a 100 bundle. A 50 bundle of those and 50 of some other ones. Or small packs of 15 of each kind of string?

I like Kitty String, and they are cheap in bulk.

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I’ve heard Blueprint string is good. I love YoyoFactory string because they are reliable and mine lasted way long. They’re also not too soft but won’t slice your fingers. I just bought a 25 pack one, will probably last me a long time.

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