Street Show


I’m interested in doing a street performance sometime in the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this before? Any advice for what to expect?

Thank you.

  1. Perform tricks you are VERY confident on
  2. Use showy tricks like Eli hops, gyroscopic flop, revolutions, grind/ fingerspin tricks and other things you think people might find impressive.
  3. Wear gloves if you can (its a warm time of the year where I live! )
  4. Decided how many yoyos you think you could possibly need due to knotting them, then add a couple more :wink:
  5. Take some yoyos to give out if you have them! People will be interested so you will have a great chance to give back to the community by starting up more yoyoers :slight_smile:
  6. HAVE FUN!

Something to consider before starting - Check your local gov website or stop by city hall to check the regulations on street performing in your area. You may need a permit or they may just tell you to go have fun, but it’s good to know what you should/shouldn’t do and where you should/shouldn’t do it.

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Like WH0TH3MAN says. Also skip the real intricate tricks where you do all the intricate finger moves. Mcbride roller coaster is impressive. Others: mach 5, braintwister, dizzy baby, split the atom, cold fusion. People like to see the yoyo fly.

Horizontal is good (especially behind the back if you can do it!) also, the helix bind on finger spins is always a hit.

Most importantly: avoid tech, and USE THE MUSIC!

Have fun!

Watch this,


Dude that was awesome!:joy: