Strange vide in sOMETHING Angle


I have no idea why it has a little vibe!


Have you tried a yyf multi tool? If not, you could try it. Then if you can get it out, use plier’s round part to get it out. It may damage the bearing, but I’ve never had any problems with it. No idea why it vibes.


I tried pliers, and i dont have a multitool.


A Drill Bit will work…


Hmmm, then I don’t know. A drill bit would give you more leverage than a multi-tool, so that might work if you find the right size.


Go look through your parents drill bits :).

Also, you have a angle? Dang…


Haha thx Maddog

Nothing is working!


Put the yoyo half with the stuck bearing in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then, try the drill bit or pliers again. What happens is the aluminum yoyo shrinks faster than the stainless steel bearing when cooled, making the bearing seat a little bit looser until the yoyo gets back to room temperature.


Thx but i just got it! Had to work at it for like 20 mins… Vibe is still there! I have switched axles/ bearings and it isnt helping!


Where did you get it?

Whoever you got it from probably fell out of a tree on the yoyo or stepped on it ;). My DV888 has wobble and vibe, but a new axle or bearing does nothing.


BST, got it for my puffin. Its a SUPER tiny vibe but its noticable.


Does it really bother you that much?

Gosh, my favorite throw is a DV888 with wobble and bad vibe. I don’t care it plays the way I like.


sounds like it was just part of the yoyo due to a tolerance issue that won’t be fixed

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You shoulda mentioned this earlier. I could have saved you a ton of time.