Hey guys, It probaly wont happen, but if i opened a yoyo store in Michigan, do you think it would get any business? and does anyone know where they have yoyo keychains in stock?

A brick and mortar yoyo store would probably fail. Reason is you need to make a lot of money per day to keep the door open.

Best bet would be making it a normal store, like for clothes or whatnot, and selling yoyos on the side.

ohhh, i should say stand, and the location would be a dragway even if it was possible, just in a little motorcycle type trailer

ye that be good or an online store would be good to cause internet site would be cheaper

A Toy Store

BIG toy store in like outlet or mall with a section that sells metal and advanced yoyo would work out, however I do not think that a store that is made for yoyo selling will be able to make money. I live near sunshine kite comp. and when I sent there most of there sales were on the kites and little on yoyos. Also the yoyos that was sold were yyj plastic line and yyf plastic line. They do not sell much metal yoyo because yoyoer that is ready to buy metal yoyo already know it is much cheaper to buy in online yoyo store or use bst thread. This is MY OPINION so I hope no one takes it in a wrong way…

All im talking about here is at my famly business (dragstrip) we might have an empty building, so im trying to get my family to let me use it it, its only the size to fit 2 people in there with a counter, its really small, not talking about a huge store

I don’t think it will work.

Yay for pessimism ;D

Well, if you are talking about opening a store, where most of people come and see would be a non yoyo people.
They will be freak out for the prices.
“50 bucks???”