Stop being Joeys...

And grow up.

I’m trying I just don’t know what muscle to flex.

Something tells me we’ve been through this before…

We’re only young for a little while, why not enjoy it? Though there is a line between having fun, and being immature. Though, technically we are growing up by the second. (Unless your Benjamin button)

the one in your Hallux

This kind of Joey?

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fail bahahhaha
i wanna be a joey

Josh, your self-righteous attitude is really quite annoying, if you have a problem with members of the forum, go straight to them, don’t just make a topic about it. This is pointless and to be quite blunt, worthless. This sort of thread holds no purpose for community improvement, holds no entertainment or factual purpose, and it’s just you coming off as a jerk. “Grow up”. Thanks for that advice, now swallow some of your own medicine.


BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn’t even see that when I saved it!!! :smiley:

Q, you are taking this way too seriously.
If I was serious about it, I would put this in the yoyo section,

No worries!