Stolen Dance


I got a dslr camera recently. Here’s the first ditty I filmed with it to get a feel for how it films.
Let me know what you think!





Keep up da good work.


Haha, Thanks man!


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(Former National 4A Champion) #5

Nice! Very solid short.


Thanks Phillip.

Will I be seeing the Whites at PA States?

(Owen) #7

Looks good! I would suggest testing out depth of field type stuff outside and I’d try to get some bokehn going on.

Haha I’m really jealous of you, I want a DSLR so bad.


Thanks for your tips Owen!

I sold like 5 yoyos to fund the money for my dslr. Totally worth it :slight_smile:

(Former National 4A Champion) #9

Depends on whether or not you are going.


That answer was brilliant. I will be there with my crew. Haha
Aka Joey Serrano and some of my other peeps.

(Former National 4A Champion) #11

I was pretty proud of it.


DUDE! That was so solid.


Stuart, thanks man!!


Well done, sir. :wink:


Thank you, Sir!





({RTD} alecto) #18

you never fail to impress me proboscis


I hope I never fail you, dude.
Thanks for the support.