Decided to test out my new Nikon d3300 on some yoyos!

I recently got some new yoyos (YoyoFactory REGEN and C3 Accelerator, both amazing players for the price) and I also got my first DSLR, a Nikon d3300, so I decided to test it out!


C3 Accelerator

Good pics man! The Regen is great.

They aren’t much more than pictures simply portraying the yo-yo, though. You should trying taking some action shots or pictures of the yo-yo in cool places (a great example of this is the picture Steve Brown took of his Bonfire in a stream of water. It’ll get your yo-yo wet and you’ll have to take the bearing out, but water yo-yo pictures are a really solid introduction to artistic kinda yo-yo pictures.)

Nice looking pics I don’t see any noticible grain or anything

I will try to do some cool yoyo photography, but I plan to be doing a lot more car photography than yoyo photography to be honest.

It’s a cliche, but photography is all about light. I know those are just test shots, so I’m not even trying to critique them-- just wanted to mention that a shot gets instantly better with depth, and depth comes not only from focal length and framing, but also from interesting light.

The first Regen shot (from farther away) has some passingly decent and interesting light, showing off the depth of the cup; the closer crop of the second one is better. Combine those two and you have a pretty good photo. :slight_smile:

With your light game in place, the next thing is to experiment with different angles… and don’t be afraid to crop even tighter. Removing some of your subject is OK. It’ll be the same for cars. You’ll want a shot or two of the whole car, but the more interesting shots will be interesting crops. Even a photo that is primarily headlight and a bit of hood can be interesting from the right angle and with the right light.

Enjoy your adventure with photography!