So yesterday I got stitches on my right middle finger. (aka my Yoyo finger). Looks like I’ll be yoyoing lefty for the next week!

ouch that sucks! what happened?

I’m dying to know too…what happened to your finger? Were you yo-yoing when it happened or doing something else and had an accident? How many stitches?

I jammed my finger in the door. The reason it cut is because it hit the metal part of the door. I got 5 stitches…

I would have used Duct tape or super glue. I’m tough though. lol

Yikes, sorry to hear that…especially your primary yo-yo finger. Nice that you can throw with the other hand though :slight_smile:

Well look who’s so amazing.

Stitches and throws.

Come on, someone had to say it!

I see what you did thar!

Hey, how well can you throw that way yoyokid8?

Gives you time to practice with your left hand in case you ever do 2A or 3A.

I guess I’m okay. I’m learning.

Sorry to hear that man. :frowning: Hope it all goes well!

I burnt my entire non throw hand thumb. No Houdini or chop stick mounts for me. Sorry to hear about your stitches. I got 7 stitches on a finger last summer. Such extreme pain from them. I think stitches made the pain 5x worse. Haha. But I did get a sweet scar!

Pictures or it didnt happen! :slight_smile:

Yeah. it’s fun to learn with non-throwhand.