Still a few things for sale for you BST archaeologists.

Please, no trade offers. Low-ball me if you must, but don’t yo-ball me! I’m only interested in the cold hard stuff. Bold text! CAPLOCKS! Boy, we’re having fun, aren’t we!

General Yo Entheos
Unengraved. One small scrape. $65

One Drop CODE1 A few cosmetic marks here and there. $60

ILoveYoyo Noctu
Pearl. 1 0f 20. $95



Wooly Marmot $80 PAYMENT PENDING

Bassalope Large bearing. I believe the colorway was called Maple Drip, and it was one in twelve. $90 PAYMENT PENDING

Versus Newton Skywalker The Works works! No really, it does! Own the ronin of yoyos! $60 PAYMENT PENDING

One Drop Y-Factor Nickel-Plated. Has a very small white factory mark. $80 PENDING

Tiki God Prototype Ah yes, I’ve been the one hiding this. This is a one of a kind piece of art, so I will only sell it to a responsible adult buyer.$150 PENDING

Gnarwhal (28 Stories) $85 PENDING

ILLY 2wei Cosmetic marks. $70 PENDING

3YO3 Ti5 Serial Number 4, this was one of eight unique annodization jobs performed by the great Jason Wong. The colorway is an elegant half blue/half yellow, but since this is titanium, the colors have a very cool “smoky” effect, which catches the light in interesting and subtle ways. A truly awesome throw. $375

Throw Down Luchador Previously owned by the Legendary Ed Haponik $75

One Drop Sovereign From the first run of fifty, which were individually numbered, this is serial number 2. The One Drop boys kept number one for themselves, so this is the lowest serial number that was sold to the public. It’s still in pristine shape, which obviously means it has never been “sparked” (and please don’t you do it either!). $285 PENDING

Big Brother Prototype Plays amazing, but this is definitely a proto. I recommend unscrewing it as little as possible. $45

YoyoRecreation Stargazer Old School YYR. One small mark. $130 PENDING

One Drop Burnside I’ve barely touched this thing. $70

Nickel Plated Peak I’m not sure which run the Peak is from, but it was virgin raw - in other words, it was not anodized and stripped. A raw Peak is fairly rare to begin with, but what we have here is truly something extraordinary. I sent it overseas to Britain, where it was lovingly nickel-plated by Ben G. (AKA BGskills). As far as I know, it is the only nickel-plated Peak in the world. There are a couple rough spots (which you can feel more so than see), but the coating is otherwise immaculate. It also bears noting that this one-of-a-kind collector’s item is unusually smooth for a Peak. $225

Nickel Plated Torrent II Another custom job from Ben, this is perfection personified. This Torrent was a polished raw pre-pro, which I bought from the General Yo booth at Cal States a year or two ago. It’s absolutely pristine, like liquid mercury floating in midair. $200

SPYY Radian Super Light Some oxidization, as you can see in the pic. $80

SPYY Ronin Barely thrown. $85[b]

CLYW Sasquatch Team Edition $80

Thanks to all who have purchased from me. I hope you enjoy your throws!