Like to sell some yos or trade for OD Sovereign-Chief/Nickel Code1/Gnarwhal/more

(Y) #1

I apologize to those who made offers already that I declined. I’m now hoping to sell these rather than trade them, so it should be much easier to deal with me. Thank you for your understanding!

Trying to either SELL some of these yoyos or TRADE some of them for a One Drop Sovereign. I would REALLY love a Sovereign of any condition, so any trade for a Sovereign will probably be instantly accepted.

Please note: I’m not saying I want to trade the entire list of yoyos below for a titanium yoyo. These are just the ones to choose from for a trade. Thank you!

I don’t plan on charging for shipping. Everything comes from a smoke and pet free home. Nothing really comes with any specific or special string. If you would like a certain color for some reason, you can let me know and I can switch it out.

Send me a message if you’ve got something you want to buy or trade!

The St. Eel, nickel plated Markmont Next, and purple Code 1 shown in the pictures are NO LONGER up for sale or trade!!! Sorry!

Pictures for all yoyos listed can be found here:

I’m new to this Flickr thing so I hope all the photos are easily viewable. If not, let me know
(Also, a couple got out of order. Not sure why, but they’re all there)

List of what I have:

One Drop Burnside (Oregon Sky color) - Mint in box. No scratches. Good stable/strong throw - $80

Yoyofactory Mighty Flea - Mint and comes with 24 extra Mighty Flea string. If you want a real yoyo challenge, try this thing out. Holy crap. It’s definitely makes for some interesting fun - CURRENTLY PENDING

YoYoJam Atmosphere (Blue) - Mint in YoYoJam box. Not a bad throw. Fun to play around with - $25

Caribou Lodge Chief (minty mint) - 99% mint. It has the tiniest little scratch on it (can be seen in pictures). I honestly don’t even know where it came from. Obviously it doesn’t affect play at all. It’s extremely smooth and is a very good yoyo. Comes with a gold plated bearing - CURRENTLY PENDING

Caribou Lodge Fool’s Gold Avalanche (Blue with silver splash) - Pretty dang close to mint. There are 3 little marks on it, which I tried to capture in the pictures. (I don’t know how those got there either. I’ve personally never dinged it) It throws beautifully. I honestly don’t know why it’s labeled as Fool’s Gold. It’s a very good throw, and I’m not just saying that - CURRENTLY PENDING

Caribou Lodge Gnarwhal - (Goose Bay Edition) - Good condition, but definitely not mint. Unfortunately, it has some general damage as well as a pretty good scrape. I think it still plays great. I tried to capture all of the damage in the pictures - $80

One Drop Code 1 (Nickel Plated) - Mint with no box. No scratches, no marks, comes with brass ultralight side effects. Plays great. Good stuff. Pretty uncommon I believe - CURRENTLY PENDING

I’m hoping to only sell/trade one of these Projects. Either the gold or blue, but not both:

One Drop Project (Blue) - pretty scratched up, but still works fine as a yoyo. I got it just to have a Project. I tried to show as much of the damage as I could in the pictures, but it’s definitely not mint - Any offers?

One Drop Project (Gold) - Close to mint. A little scratched up in one spot, but mostly very smooth and in good condition. Tried to capture the damage in pictures - Any offers?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the boxes for either Project.

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