state of yo

this is a line from an older yoyo video. (lets see if you can find it) anyways i think its a time where your tricks are just a blur, and your not controlling it by what trick to do next its purely your muscles that are ripping out your best combos and not missing any slacks or suicides. Have you ever experienced this? I think i have because two nights ago everyone just stared and i was crowded and the other yoyoers just stood. and when i returned it everyone was like “teach me that”!

It happens a lot sometime around 11pm for me. I usually make my new tricks up during that time.

Usually for me when I am listening to awesome music with a loud bearing.

I remember learning about the state of yo on the radio with Tom Kuhn, or something like that.

Lol i love that feeling. It also helps when your bearing starts to “WHIZ” and it kinda gets loud. Idk if thats bad but i like it.

Same here. Most of the time It’s up on stage during some kind of show that I’m just doing random stuff that I’ve never done before thinking “What trick should I do next?”

After that, it’s gone.

This usually happens to me on weekends at night. Got a new Lindy Loop combo out of it :slight_smile: