The Zone

I’m in The Zone.

It feels great, tricks are coming SO easily, its amazing.

Have YOU ever been here, The Zone?

Have you been watching too many Videos lately?
You’re probably inspired hehe.
Either that or you improved.
Of course other Illegal methods can be applied in this situation.
I’ve been in the Zone maybe 2-3 times , when you land trick’s that you always miss suddenly consecutively.

I kind of feel that way when I learn a new trick or I get a new throw

Still in it.

And no, actually, i haven’t been watching videos lately…

You’re in the Zone after you wash your hands. In my case.

You’re in the “State of Yo” as described by the Smothers Brothers…

But yeah, its great… You come up with great stuff…

I’m in the zone right now, learned almost all of the advanced part one tricks in like 2 hours ;D.

No. I’ve never been there when it comes to yoyo.

When the music and problems were flowing fast and furious at CalStates, I was in The Zone. When I was mixing an industrial band in October, I was in The Zone. When I am behind that 76-input desk, I am in the zone!

That doesn’t mean some day I may find the zone in regards to yoyo. I look forward to that day. For me, yoyo is very hard. Enjoyable, yes, but still hard for me. The Zone is elusive. However, if we drop the expectations a few notches(OK, maybe a buttload of notches), and it we ask “am I having fun?”, well that’s a whole other matter. The answer? Yes. Good enough for now!

I’m gonna go master The Zipper. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I think.
(I should really get more sleep!)

Ill just leave this here.

I’m ALWAYS in the zone, baby. ;D

Some of my best friends are yoyos!

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I know the feeling.

It’s like, the more I know people, the better I like my yoyos!

Brings back memories.