Starting Yoyo Vibe?


Are new yoyos expected to have little to no vibe? (I’m basing vibe by how much the yoyo is vibrating as it sleeps)

I have this question because I thought that all yoyos started with no vibe, but the Magic Yoyo N12 I got has vibe on it when I first got it, and I have never hit it or anything.

(major_seventh) #2

Depending on the company or grade of the yoyo, it is normal for some to come with vibe. Especially a Magic yoyo.


All yoyos have some level of vibe. Unless it’ruins your game, keep throwing it.


As they said, it’s common and no big deal. Move on and forget it.




As long as it is just a slight vibe and not a wobble then you are fine.



But my Genesis has wobble…

(rizkiyoist) #8

For some strange reason my N12 have some kind of “permanent shim” on the bearing seat that causes the bearing not to sit deep enough to go flush with the actual seat. I don’t know if it’s intentional for all N12, that part is like thin film of aluminum and rather bends easily. I dropped mine and suddenly it has vibe, after tinkering around with it I decided to sand down that “shim” flush with the actual seat, the vibe was gone.


ALright, just wondering. Thanks guys


I’m gonna script a little save deth II.

Johnathon Robinson: misses a 5A catch and drops metal yoyo about 8 feet and it rolls and hits light pole

Cameraman: Think its broken?

Background guy: It definitely wobbles

Johnathon: Oh it wobbled before,I ain’t worried about that!