Starting yoyo collection/tips

Hi, I just got into yoyoing. I’m going to start a collection. I would like suggestions for (affordable) yoyos, tips on yoyoing, easy tricks. Anyway right now I have a Duncan butterfly, and this no-name yoyo that looks like a wheel.

What is your budget? Also, since you are just starting, I suggest you take it slow… You might not like YoYoing as much as you think

Thank you for the advice, and I’m 13, so my budget is like as low as it gets…

Ya taking it slow is good idea. For tricks I would start with the list in the learn section here and kinda work your way down. As far as yoyos on the cheaper side I suggest a Yoyofactory one or Duncan FHZ. If you can spend a little or go with the Dark Magic II.

Oh thanks… I do really need to learn tricks too, the only one I know right now I think is called the dizzy baby… Maybe

over the years… i have come to find out that its quality over quantity. Also it depends on how serious you are about collecting. Like some people needs the box or they have to have it mint so they don’t use it at all. I use to be a little like that but recently I have started to filter out throws that I just don’t use because I don’t like the way they play etc. So those are in my b/s/t :slight_smile:

but definitely keep buying as much as you can lol jk

Ah, collecting.

With yoyos, it’s a lot of fun. I collect what I collect to THROW. I am not just buying stuff so it can look pretty in the box or on the shelf. Everything I have I throw. Some more than others, but everything gets used.

Yeah, if I can get the box or “MINT”, that’s great. I like them to be as nice as possible off the BST. But, sometimes a few nicks and scratches can be fine.

My preferences are for full sized/nearly over-sized that are 67 grams to 69 grams. I also have stuff smaller, narrower, heaver, lighter. different shapes, weights, and whatever. Metal, plastic, metal and plastic, and even a wood looper. I have yoyos for all the 5 major play styles, so I can do what I would like to when I would like to. Want to try looping? I gots loopers. 3a? OK, mybe not ready for that, but I do have some identical string trick yoyos. 4A? Got a bunch. 5A? Got some counterweights. I like variety, I like to mix it up, I like to get comfortable with something and then force that comfort zone to fall apart. I mean, for me, why buy it if I’m not going to use it? Seems kinda silly to me. But that’s how I look at things. I am throwing my Wooly Marmot and Campfire way more now that I have a yoyo case and they don’t need to sit mint in their mint boxes. Yes, they are pretty 28 stories colorways, but what joy is there with a yoyo that you don’t use?

The big things are:
Don’t spend more than you can afford.
Have a place to keep everything. Sometimes this means buying cases and the like.

Whatever you do, do start slow. Budget. Be smart. Have goals and work towards them.

When I started, I got a Reflex and an Imperial. I figure if this whole yoyo thing didn’t work out, that was enough to figure it out. Obviously, it did. DM2 was my next purchase and the rest has been a lot of fun. It may sound negative, but in todays’ “high priced toy” marketplace, you have to plan for assumed failure as the primary result. It can always change into “success”. Minimize start up costs to reduce losses. If it works out, then those initial purchases may still be losses because you’re replacing it, but they won’t be true losses because you can still enjoy them.

As far as general yoyo tips:
Practice. But, when it stops being fun, stop. Serious. This is supposed to be fun. It shouldn’t be “work”. Don’t get discouraged. If you need help, ASK for it. If there are meetings and clubs near you, GO!! Trust me, many of these people want to share what they know and will see what you’re doing and help you do it right or better.
If you get frustrated, just stop. Walk away, take a break. Calm down, then come back.

I would look at the yyf whip and one, they are great $10 yoyos.

I think you should clarify what you mean by collection. Do you mean collection as in collecting coins or stamps, just having a bunch of them on display? Or are you planning to get a bunch of them to play and just using the term “collection” loosely?

If you want to collect for display the Duncan Freehand line has a TON of different versions to look through. I have a 1 in 15 FHZ Mexican Edition mint with its wooden crate. Will the yoyo stay mint? Maybe, maybe not but it had sentimental value so I paid over MSRP to get it and don’t regret it. I also bought a few FH2s for collection purposes but they will ALL get thrown. I will use them for 5A as they were intended for. But they are pretty and a collection. Just a small anecdote for you to read

Yoyoexpert just released a stackless Grind Machine for $12. It’s a much better value than the One as long as you don’t mind learning to bind.

Like the others have said, the YYF One and Whip are awesome beginners. Add YYJ’s Lyn Fury and Prelude to the list. If you think you’re going to get into the hobby, some of the unresponsive yoyos will give you a steeper learning curve but will stick with you longer like the Stackless Grind Machine. Of all these, the Prelude was my favorite and really helped me bridge the gap from beginner/picture tricks into 1A and binds. I really love that yoyo.

I’d recommend starting with a small collection of a few different <$15 yoyos for a while to see what you like. Most of time you’ll be working on throwing consistently and straight to get longer spin times. Pick yoyos that are different weights and shapes. Learning which response systems, sizes, and shapes you prefer will come with time. Then it’ll be worth it to spend some money on a more expensive throw.