starting to take tops seriously...


Over the past 2-3 months I’ve been throwing tops a LOT on breaks at work.

I have a bearing king and a Trompo

just nailed wirewalker this morning on the trompo (which I got in the mail yesterday)

but… now the tip popped off.

Is it wise to use superglue?

Also… what angle do you find works best to have the top pointing when going for a regen style recapture?


Brewster + spintop = WOOT!

Use a kleenex or some plastic from a zip-loc bag over the hole and then jam in the tip, that should make it fit tighter. Tear off the excess kleenex or x-acto off the extra plastic. I used a lot of proprietary terms in those two sentences.

There are two basic regeneration moves, and which one you are doing just depends whether the tip is pointing toward you or away from you. For Rollercoaster the tip should be pointing toward you at an angle of anywhere from straight down to almost horizontal, and you catch it on the string overhand. For Drumbeat, the tip should be pointing away, and the angle of the top can be anywhere from 30 to 90 degrees horizontal.

Here is a video that may help?

-Chris Neff