Starting horizontal


Just started learning horizontal yesterday. I had heard that banana turnover was a good first horizontal trick to learn so I found the rethinkyoyo tutorial and learned it. I love it so far, I did it so much that I busted the response on my almost new Al5! Anyways, I was wondering where I should go from here, what are a few other starter horizontal tricks I could pick up from here? (I already know finger spin)


Red Halo is a nice one for the beginners and there are also tricks like skin the gerbil/hamster that work pretty well as first horizontal tricks


watever twister gerbil thing you feel like, my only advice is to start with front throws as early as you can.


front throws? like normal forward style?


Yes, a good example would be 1:02 after the regen to 1:06

Basically since front styles require you to reverse all your control points (as much as I want to call them ‘vector inputs’), by starting working with them early you avoid forming habits based on limited experience from side throws only. Give it a try maybe as soon as you are comfortable with regular gerbils.


Ah gotcha that makes sense, I’ll make sure to do that