I want to learn horizontal, where do I start?

Only video I’ve seen with horizontal tips is this one:

Any other tutorials/tips you can give me?

First at least learn a banana turnover so you get the basic jist of how to get into horizontal.

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Jensen being in it makes it better :slight_smile:


It is so interesting how this video is a joke, but then very helpful at the same time ;D

This video is so funny. But, like DRN said, it is very helpful. It helped me start out horizontal too.


I was laughing at step #3.

Jensen’s -although silent- delivery was great!!!

I can do this so now where do I go.  I have done the trick with the red triangle and skin the gerbil but I don’t know where to go from here?

The Jensen banana turnover video is how I learned months ago. Very helpful!

Best video ever…

Ok, back to buisness. Check out the RethinkYoyo tutorial for Bannananananananananana* turnover. That’s how I learned. Helped a lot.

*yeah, I did it

Search on Google. Is the red triangle trick called Red Halo. If not, go learn that on rethink.