Hello, I recently was inspired to seriously work on learning horizontal yoyoing. What videos on the basics of horizontal tricks do you recommend? There seem to be few videos that teach this aspect of modern yoyoing. Thanks!

Banana turnover is the first trick I learned, and still the only one I can do with any consistency. Can’t remember the video I used, though

Banana Turnover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhX-IlHM_Ak

This is the most basic horizontal trick. You won’t really be finding any other horizontal trick tutorials on the internet because horizontal yoyoing is pretty much just vertical yoyoing, but… horizontally :stuck_out_tongue:

After learning and getting banana turnover down consistently, the next step is to learn to do basic rail tricks horizontally. Rail tricks are tricks where the yoyo only slides along the string, never leaving the string; think of a basic skateboard railslide; the skateboard slides down the rail, never leaving the rail until the rail ends. In the case of yoyoing the yoyo slides on the string, never leaving the string until the trick ends. The most popular rail trick is skin the gerbil but there are variations of it and you can make variations of your own as well.

Those 2 steps should hold you off for a while. But once you do get those down smoothly, you should be skilled enough to be able to figure out where to go from there yourself.

Oh, and also. While you’re learning banana turnover and other horizontal tricks you might want to work on it in phases, practice the tricks with a 30 degree angle, then 45 degree, then 60, and so on until you can do the trick completely horizontal.


Thanks for the help! If anyone else is reading this, their are a few recent horizontal trick tutorials that another site.com put out, taught by some prominent players. Paul Kerbal has two and Gentry Stein has one. Those are my long term targets in terms of skill, but for now, I’m still learning how to “turn bananas over.”

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