Horizontal yoyoing

I wanted to try to start yoyoing horizontally, but I don’t how to throw or or bind sideways ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

My advice trial and error.

go to rethinyoyo and learn bannana turnover


What other tricks are there 4 horizontalial yoyoing

You first have to learn tricks that are done normally. Then you do the same tricks except horizontally. It sounds very simple, but it isn’t. You have to keep the yo-yo in a continuous motion.

Skin the gerbil is the best trick to do horizontally for beginners.

Type in on youtube- Horitzontal skin the geribil tutorial.

Also on youtube you can type in- horiztonal combo tutorial.

Yoyomad1001 has a couple horizontal tutorials.
Rethinkyoyo has “Red Halo” which is a horiztonal trick.
Goprotutorials has a horizontal trick too. I forgot the name but its something like a horiztonal eifel tower to a weird spinny thing.

Other than that just play around with stuff you do normally and try it in horiztonal. Stuff with 1.5 mount or something. Good luck

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