Starting a FAQ

I saw one of the other topics and how people were talking about how we should have a FAQ built by THIS community so I’m starting this topic simply so everyone can post a segment of the FAQ such as differences for bearings and I’ll edit this post adding the new stuff and organizing while giving credit to whoever put the post up. Hope you guys like my idea if not I won’t push it

What kind of yoyo should I buy?
There is a HUGE variety of yoyos recommended by Andre (He wouldn’t have them on the website if he didn’t), so just choose a yoyo according to your skill level.

Which is better, stock kk or dorothy bearing?

Dorothy’s spin for a long time out of the package, but are very sensitive to knocks and drops.
Kk’s spin for a very short time out of the package, don’t buy without thin lube. Its also not good for responsive play.
Stock’s ROCK!

What is the best string?

Get 50/50 type 8 if you’re beginning, and get 100 Poly type 6 if you’re getting pro.

Which one is better, DM HM or Vict?

Note: HM’s Quality varies, some of the hm’s designs aren’t straight, some are crooked and even crumpled.

Should i get speed beetle or sunset traj?


WuHt is TEH BEST ROXORZING YOYO EVAAA!!!11oneone!11!oneone

*Not answering!

Who owns this website?

Andre Boulay

Who is Andre Boulay?

The guy who owns this website. (LOL) He’s national master.

Who has the most posts?

Just a few faq’s.

nvm DocRobot started one here it is

Who cares how much posts you have?

Yes, it is kinda cool to have lots of posts- but its quality not quanity-

Exactly. You could be like Andre and make quality posts, or you can be like Samad (I mean no disrespect to him in any way, it’s just a fact.) and just post a bunch of quantity posts.

I think everyone is going in a very good direction with these FAQs and I look forward to pulling these together into one solid page for new players to feel welcomed. Keep up the great work guys!