Stan Lee's Superhumans -- Yoyo Ninja

I’m getting ready to watch this on History Channel 2. Has anyone seen it yet?

I have watched this show before… They show people with crazy physical attributes … N compare them to superheroes.

I hope I can YouTube the yoyoninja episode soon.

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I hope they do put it up on YouTube. I just watched it, and it was kind of a short segment. It had Suzuki in it.

Edit: it’s not short, it’s still going. That’s good exposure by a national tv show IMO.

Who did they compare Suzuki too?

Didn’t see it, but probably the Flash.

Ok, here’s the spoiler: He knocked a coin off some guys ear with a forward pass. They also filmed him doing some 1A with a high speed camera, so they could comment on his speed and reflexes. I didn’t recognize the throw he was using though.

At the end, they compared his 2A speed/accuracy to a guy with a hand gun. I hope someone can find and post the vid – it was pretty cool. I know you can download it with History’s iPhone app.

He used a Phenom. Hiroyuki lost by one can :’(

Can somebody put a link to this video I can only find it in spanish :’(

I saw it. I didn’t know it was going to be on there. I was just watching the show! What a nice surprise! Haha! :smiley:

there is a link to it here:

you can watch it on Amazon if you have an account. (does not have to be a Prime account)

I was watching it, but my dad made me go to bed before he was on it. I was mad.

The show is a good show though.

That was awesome…

That was pretty sweat :grinning:

I’m not claiming that I (or any of us) are remotely comparable to Mickey’s skill level, but watching that analysis made me feel pretty awesome about myself. I had never really put much thought into how much control and coordination yoyoing requires.

Yes, that sweat was gorgeous.

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You can download the episode free off of iTunes.

I think they exaggerated a little with some of their statements. I see yoyo videos of people doing similar stuff every day, but no doubt Suzuki is talented, ‘super’, and in the top ~1% of all players. I think they could’ve put a lot of competition players on there and dropped just as many jaws in the general public. That being said, it was good to update the perception of yo-yoing for whoever watched it. It’s a lot more than just ‘Walk the Dog’ now.

I remember after Rounders was released, Poker went through a huge boom. There were so many poker tournaments on tv, you couldn’t watch them all. I even got into the online Poker seen for a little while. It’s cooled off a little recently. Still though, I believe I can count on the WSOP being on ESPN every year. I think yo-yoing needs some publicity like that to explode like I think it could. It may never get as big as Poker, but I think there’s a lot of room for growth.

Just watched the video of this on yoyoskills, it was awesome. I recommend you go watch it.

They almost got the whole thing. There’s a few minutes worth that leads into that part though.