Hiroyuki Suzuki- Superhuman


you amerikans ;D “lets take anything… and let it fight a GUN!” ;D enjoyed the video tho^^ its pretty fun…

I remember when that premiered and I was all excited to watch it, but my dad made me go to bed because it was a school night and it came on late. :frowning: But I get to see it now so it’s okay. ;D

Anyway, it’s pretty cool. The one thing that really bothers me is that they make him speak Japanese so it seems more… I don’t know what the right word would be but I think you know what I mean, when he can speak perfectly good English.


I thought it was very cool…

I especially liked 3:00-6:00ish where they recorded his yoing abd explained how he was manipulating the strings and the speed/velocit/etc. In difficult, complex ways so quickly. Really shows how hard yoyoing really is and has given me a newfound respect for hiroyuki, the pros, and even myself.